Saturday, June 07, 2008

Five Things You Should Consider Before Wearing a Sexy Halloween Costume

Many people search relentlessly for just the right Halloween costume. Childrens Costumes are always challenging especially when you have a child that wants to be a character that's hard to find. There is an online store called HalloweenAdventure that offers Adult Halloween Costumes, pet costumes and infamous Sexy Costumes. (They also have over 10,000 items in stock that will definitely make your party a hit.) Before purchasing a sexy costume, there are a few rules that should be considered. You don't want to be remembered for "the year you wore THAT inappropriate sexy costume on Halloween".

Five Things You Should Consider Before Wearing a Sexy Halloween Costume
1. Are you old enough? Why would that be an issue?
(This is a true story about a couple of girls in my kids' school). They are between the ages of 13-16. They purchased Halloween costumes with their parents. Then they purchased costumes on their own. Guess which one they wore to school? Yup, and to make matters worse...they came out smack in the middle of the yearbook. In a sexy adult costume! I'm sure a few girls are going to be grounded soon..
2. Are you too old?
Wear a costume that is age appropriate. No one wants to see a 70 year old genie.
3. Be sure that it is appropriate for your body shape!
Does everyone really need to see the woman that is 100 lbs overweight in a sexy french maid costume. Keep it in your bedroom!
4. Where are you going?
Do you really want to take your kids trick or treating while you're wearing a sexy Gothic Vampire costume? Don't embarass yourself or your kids.
5. Consider the temperature of your environment.
Do you really want to wear an outfit in a place that may be too cold? Consider the consequences.

For those of you that are wondering about the costumes pictured, they can be found at . Pretty cool, huh? Visit the site for one stop shopping. You'll find a large variety of unique party supplies. :)


SinlessTouch said...

thanks for the great tips you mentioned on wearing halloween sexy costumes, i'll surely keep it in mind when halloween rolls around.

spas said...

I do consider your measures about wearing sexy halloween costumes but one thing you missed and that is your skin which you would expose to and a beautiful skin would definitely look sexy and cool in that halloween costumes while a young but spotted and blemish skin would look notorious even wearing such a sexy and pretty halloween dresses.

I do market skin care products and advise ladies who gon a wear sexy, pretty and light halloween dresses to care about their skin and use appropriate massages, spas and skin care products to avoid any skin blemishing affects.


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Elizabeth said...

Yes, you are correct about the sexy halloween costumes. We have to take into consideration that when we see the costume on the models that the models legs are about 12 feet long. Case in point: the model wearing the french maid costume in the picture. Not everyone in the real world has these legs! It's just a good idea to consider these things first before buying the costume.

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