Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Imaginads: How to Get Paid to Blog

If you enjoy blogging, you may be interested in Imaginads. Can you really make money blogging? Yes. is a site that enables advertisers to find bloggers that will write reviews for pay.

How can you make money blogging with Imaginads?
Register for free and add your blog. Set your own price for reviews. Imaginads keeps 20% as a commission. Payments are made on a monthly basis once the $50.00 payout is met. However, if you desire early payment you can contact the administrator. Payments can be made by check or paypal.

What was my experience with Imaginads?
I'm impressed with their customer service. I sent them an email and it was answered in less than an hour. I received prompt payment too. :)

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible. They currently have about 27 blogs listed. Register soon before the site is flooded with blogs!

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Karen Davis said...

What a nice tips for the Halloween. Yes, costumes are important for kids and adults too on this day.

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