Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Matters

Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins My cousin and I talk by phone once a week for about an hour each time. We only live two hours from one another but do not get together as often as we should. So we do make time to chat and catch up about our lives, our children and grandchildren. When we talked last week, I told her about a new television show I was enjoying. She had never heard of it and wondered if it was on one of the major networks or another channel. She pulled up while we were chatting to see what they offered in her area. I enjoy being close to family and being able to share with them. I have some great friends but family members are the people you can trust most in your life, or that is the case with me. If I won the lottery, my attorney would be my cousin and my financial advisor would be my son-in-law. I would trust them to help me sort out the craziness of it all and I would share my good fortune with them.

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