Monday, October 27, 2008

Please, Give Fred His Meds!

As a parent and aunt of kids diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, bi-polar and autism, I can see the humor in this parody. I've had conversations with family members and close friends that are teachers and they admitted they can immediately detect when a student has skipped their meds. Fred Figglehorn is the story of a 6year old little boy that has anger issues, lives with an alcoholic mom and is often left home unattended. When his mom leaves him unattended, he makes videos and puts them on Don't worry, he's not really 6. :)

This kid is a youtube star.
Watch the video: Fred Loses His Meds

1 comment:

Supermom's Baby Sister said...

Hilarious! And people wonder why we don't have kids of our own :P

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