Thursday, April 26, 2007

Looking for Real Estate?

Are you looking for Cary NC Real Estate? Are you selling property there? This is the site you need to visit. Sellers can save lots of money here. You can list your property for as low as 1%! That is a great deal. If you're looking to buy, you should take advantage of their email alerts. This is a free service they provide. Best of all, you can turn it off whenever you like. What does this service do for you? Every time a new property is listed in the area you desire, you will receive an email alert. This saves you time! Everyone knows time is priceless.

What other benefits does this site have?
1. You can search properties by monthly payment!
2. They provide mortgage information.
3. You can request a free moving kit that contains change of address forms and a phone list of local utilities.
4. Closing attorney comes to you. Using their in house attorney and title company can save you even more.

If you're seriously and actively looking for a place, this is the first stop you should make...

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