Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Perfect Gift

Grwoing up I had an much older friend that would tell me stories about her coworkers. It was fun to listen to the drama that took place at her job. I was always fascinated with people, so I found her tales to be quite entertaining. Here's one that I still remember for two reasons: the gift and the response.

As is usually the case at most offices, there's always one individual that is completely absorbed with their appearance. She was always well dressed in slim fitting business suits. Her hair and nails were always done perfectly. Her makeup was impeccable. Any spare time she had, she spent it primping in the employee bathroom. She simply had to touch up her makeup amd hair. Her constant complaint was that the lighting was not bright enough for her to retouch her makeup correctly.

Her birthday had finally come around. Her coworkers had decided to pool some money together to buy her the perfect gift. They thought of something that she would love, something that was just...her. They came to a decision, made the purchase and surprised her with a cake. They gave her the gift as they explained why they had made this particular purchase.

She held up their gift to unwrap it. Out of the many Makeup Mirrors they considered, this one had the lighting she wanted. It was portable, so that she could keep it at her desk. They hoped it would curtail the many, many trips to the bathroom. Perhaps, she could answer her own calls. Hopefully, it would stop her daily complaints of poor lighting during her touch ups. She carefully opened her gift, and whined, "Ooooooooooh, it's perfect. Looooook, it's meeeeee." "Yeah", one of the coworkers replied. "We couldn't help that."

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