Friday, October 28, 2011

The emotional night of a baby's first trick or treating trip

Guest post written by Beth Wilcox

I can't even imagine all of the pictures that I've taken of my daughter so far. She's only five months old but I think that I could fill at least three picture albums with all of them! I think that I could fill another picture album with all of the pictures that I took of my daughter when we dressed her up for Halloween the other night.
We used our wireless internet Boise to order a baby lion costume. It was just so cute that I couldn't resist buying it! Plus, she seemed to not mind being in a costume, which I was really worried about. It's not like I've ever put her in a costume before that so I was afraid that she would be fussy when I did that.
I think that everyone was so impressed at how well behaved she was when I took her around to see a lot of our family. I'm even thinking about sending out this one picture of her laughing in her costume out with all of our Christmas cards.

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