Friday, February 20, 2009

Ever Had a Bon Qui Qui Moment?

The other day. I had to take my son to Inspire in Goshen to get an audiological evaluation. He's autistic and his teachers and speech therapist felt his tone of voice was a little too loud. We didn't know if it's because of the constant noise in the home...ya think with 5 other siblings...or a hearing problem.

When I got to the office, there was a girl at the counter. Instead of letting me know she was busy and/or that the girl that was supposed to attend to me was somewhere else, she left me standing there. During that time, I watched her engage in conversation with coworkers that passed by,as well as clients.

After waiting for a little while, a woman that was angry at life came over and plopped a stack of files on her desk. She looked over at me as if I was bothering her. Miss Sunshine slid a clipboard full of papers and told me "Fill This Out!"

This maven of customer service, would abruptly turn around and start conversations with others, answer the phone and act as if I was invisible. Even after she asked me for info! I'm a hot blooded Latina. It took all my strength to not lose my temper. Let's just say, "I didn't want sakurity" to be called on me. She reminded me of why I don't miss the NYC DMV!

My son showed me this video and it brought it all back.

Ever had a Bon Qui Qui Moment? Come one, you know you want to share your story!


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Anonymous said...

I posted this link on my Facebook last week. Idalia knows the entire skit, hand gestures and attitude included!!! Every time one of our "superior" co-workers walk in and just starts talking over us, we all stop and remind him not to interrupt, "RUDE" ..... lol. Have you seen the MADtv "can I get your number" .... hilarious!

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