Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Say Adios to Your 9-5!

Would you like to say Adios or Goodbye to your 9-5 forever? There are many great opportunites on the internet. I've learned about many easy ways to make money from home, which enables me to be a stay at home mom. Although, there are many ways to earn money from home, some are more lucrative than others. Paid blogging is an easy and quick way to get started. Affiliate marketing is another great money maker, as well as internet marketing. Ebay is another simple way to turn your stuff into CASH!

Here is the latest opportunity I've come across. My friend Nilda Perez has made over $3000.00 in three weeks. Although she is a licensed clinical social worker, with two bachelors, a master and a PhD on the way. She has decided to trade in her time clock and her boss from hell for the freedom of working from home. Smart chick, huh?

Read about this great opportunity and take a step toward becoming financially independent! With every paid member to your team, you earn $50.00 (as long as you are also a paid member). After you personally refer 3 members and your team grows to 6 (even if your team members refer them), you receive a $1000.00 cash bonus. The total equals 5 members ($250.00) + power team bonus ($1000.00) = $1250.00. Those bonuses continue over and over again, every time 6 members are added to your team. For the month of March, the bonuses have been increased for those go getters among us! Read below and see the potential of this opportunity...

March MADNESS with YTB!

Fast Start Bonuses!


YTB has turned up the heat this month in getting new people started FAST!



Coach's Corner


In your first 30 days: Get 30 people on your Power Team and earn a $3,000 CASH Bonus

You are already an RTA and haven't bonused yet in your Power Team - You qualify. Get 30 in 30. It starts for you on March 6th.


Director's Program


In your first 3 months, become Level 1 Director: $10,000 CASH Bonus


In your first 5 months, become Level 2 Director: $100,000 CASH Bonus


In your first 10 months, become Level 3 Director: $200,000 CASH Bonus


In your first 15 months, become Level 4 Director: $1,000,000 CASH Bonus



Be sure to add me, Alva Ortiz as your sponsor. I want you to join my team. I will provide you with the help you need to succeed.
Adios 9-5

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