Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pay Attention to the Red Flags!

The other day, I was at the bank. There was a girl standing on line, talking on her cell. This girl was loud and irate (and rightfully so). Isn't that the worst type of cellphone caller. To make matters worse, she made a fool out of herself. Here's how it went down.

She was telling someone how her boyfriend disappeared before Christmas. He just disappeared. Now this phone call took place on the Friday after Christmas which is December 28, 2007. She was irrationally explaining how he called her at 2am on if nothing happened.* When she started asking him where he was and why he hadn't returned her calls, he got angry. He told her he was fine and he was calling her at that moment. He didn't want all the drama and didn't want her to carry on.** When she asked him if he was cheating on her, he said SHE was his girlfriend.*** Then she asked him when she would see him and her told her he had made plans with his friends.**** She asked why he couldn't break his plans to attend a football game and he said he wasn't going to diss his friends.***** She told him, "Oh, but you can diss me and break plans with me." This angered him, and he told her he wasn't going to argue with her and that was it.******

Red Flag #1
1. The guy disappeared before the holidays.
Red Flag #2
2. He didn't take accountability for his actions.
Red Flag #3
3. He didn't say he was cheating, he affirmed that she was his girlfriend. That doesn't confirm that she is the only one!
Red Flag#4
4. He called her to keep her on standby, but he's still keeping the relationship on his TERMS. Which is this: he will see her when he feels like it.
Red Flag#5
5. His "friends" were more important.
Red Flag#6
6. He never admits or denies anything and turns the tables on her. Classic move of a playa!

I'm sure you're wondering what she did. Let me give you a hint. She told her friend on the phone: "My mother is mad at me for staying with him." Now this girl was an older 20 something year old, "Italian Princess" type.

What was she thinking?

Obviously, she isn't. I was too embaraseed for her, to even look at her. When she went to the teller window, I couldn't even look in her direction. I only saw her as I walked away.

Here's my Advice
Girl, next time you need to it in private. Everyone was appalled and you weren't amusing. It was like watching a train wreck. Well, in this case...hearing one. Oh and dump HIM!

I hope someone talks some sense into this girl. I guess eventually she'll dump him...
When the Pain Outweighs the Pleasure.

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