Friday, August 24, 2007

Jazz Up Your Conference Room with JazzyExpo!

Have you been thinking about replacing your boring furniture at the office? Are you considering taking the decor to a more contemporary style? If you answered yes, then visit They have a variety of contemporary office desks to choose from all at affordable prices. They also have a clearance section where you can get considerable savings on your purchases.

The table pictured above is a beautiful work of art and functional. The table can be customized with a separate plug in front of every work station (for laptops) or with dual data ports. Everything you need to have everyone plugged into the information system!

Payment Options
Purchases paid in full in advance by check or interbank direct deposit receive a 2% cash discount. They accept AmEx, Visa and MasterCard. They offer a special discount to accredited colleges and universities, federal, state and municipal government agencies, and established religious organizations. That discount translates to 3%.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There stuff looks great, unlike anything else you will find on the net. Two problems however:
A) Takes FOREVER. They told me my desk would ship to me in 30 days, well they didn't ship it for 9 months!

B) It's REALLY cheaply made. once I FINALLY got it, pieces were missing, parts of the desk were mis-colored, and in one damaged spot I could see that the desk and conference tables were made of particle board, simply covered with veneer. The installer actually told me that the furniture was cheap, made in china, and they they always ran into problems assembling their products! At those prices, the quality is simply unacceptable.

In conclusion, after waiting almost a year to finally have my furniture delivered, I was disappointed in the quality, and upset by the damage. Add another 3 months of them trying to fix my damaged pieces, they finally agreed to replace them, which took an additional 6 months. I wanted a refund, but they have an extremely vague return policy which I recommend you read before purchasing.

We do lots of shopping over the internet, but if your ever buying furniture, make sure you're able to visit the showroom first to ensure your getting a quality product.

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