Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Situations like this really bother me. It just doesn't make sense. The way some people mistreat human beings for money. I don't get it.

A widow lost her husband in the Septmeber 11 attacks. The September 11th Victims Compensation Fund was created for those who lost loved ones in the attack. Because of the grave circumstances, contingency fees by attorneys representing effected families were disfavored. The widow was sued by an attorney that represented her before the Compensation Fund for a $2,000,000. contingency fee. Don't you think that is just a tad bit steep? How does he sleep at night? He filed in federal court and she sought representation from simmons jannace & stagg. It was determined that the case should be litigated in the state courts instead of the federal courts. I hope this attorney doesn't cash in on this widow's money. You would think that the attorney would feel bad that she lost her husband!

Sorry, but this attorney reminds me of the movie Devil's Advocate. Obviously, for this attorney..."It's all about the benjamins."

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