Sunday, September 17, 2006

What Not to Do on the Internet

Here are a few things you should NOT do on the net. The consequences could range from penatlies to jail time.
1. Start a web site for consumers to voice their compalaints about companies.
2. Make sure it is world wide, don't discriminate against companies.
3. Post consumer complaints (both true and fabricated) and then candidly ask the companies for money to take them off the site.
4. Ruin companies' reputation and Google Page Rank.

Did the Rip-Off Report owner really think he could get away with business dealings like this? We'll see the consequences as soon as the companies are able to find him for questioning. Posting fradualent information about companies is an open invitation to many, many lawsuits! There is a name for this kind of behavior in the business world. It's called extortion..

If you've been effected by this company, USWeb can help. Be sure to see how the damage can be reversed.

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