Sunday, September 17, 2006

Celebrate the Holidays a Little Differently

Last year, one of my oldest (my niece) spent the hoildays with her Dad and his family. Holidays are times for families to be together. I allowed her to go for two reasons. The first is that she lives with me and doesn't spend much time with her Dad, Step-Mom, siblings, paternal grandparents or aunts. The second reason is that they had such a great time scheduled, I didn't want her to miss out. Let me tell you how great their plans were.

First they sent out invitations to the family. They had booked a vacation home and invited the whole family to join them. Each family had their own room. They spent Christmas and New Year's there. Family and friends all joined in the celebrations. She brought back pictures and the place was beautiful. The facilities had a lot of activities scheduled, something for everyone. It made me think, why don't I plan something like this in the next two years? It would be a great change of scenery and a much needed vacation.

Florida would be a great destination to find a great Orlando Vacation Home Rental. They have activities for every lifestyle. You can schedule a vacation to relax at spas or do the toursit circuit at the theme parks. Think about getting together with friends and family and giving your holidays a twist!

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