Thursday, July 20, 2006

How to Improve Your Credit and Make Some Money

Credit cards are an excellent way to build credit. When used appropriately,they can build your credit in preparation for your first investment-your first home. To maximize your profits, use credit cards that give you free money. That way your credit cards accomplish tow things:
1. improve your credit history.
2. earn free money and other rewards.

How do you improve your credit history and earn rewards? Get credit cards with cashback offers. Every month charge your groceries, gas, electric bill and any other expenses. When you get the bills, pay the balance IN FULL. When it's time to send out the cash reward, you will have earned a nice chunk of change from your everyday purchases. The trick is that you must be disciplined enough to keep track of each purchase and actually pay the bill in full when it's due.

This is an honest way to make a little money to put in your savings and a great way to get back at those credit card companies! To make it easier to take advantage of these great opportunities, there is a site that lists all the credit cards that would give you multiple advantages, like 0% intro rate, low APR, cash back rewards and other benefits.

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CreditGuru said...

I totally agree with everything written in your blog about improvement of the credit, it is very important to build a good credit history to have a good future! All the credit cards have to be used appropriately, in that case your credit history will a good one and therefore your future will be bright!

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