Thursday, July 20, 2006

Epocrates Inc.

Sending information to a loved one about meds is as easy as visiting this website. Anything you may need to know about a prescription drug is at your fingertips. Information on Adderall, Zoloft, Strattera, Concerta and Levaquin can all be found here. Their site has everything from drug interactions, to side effects, to images of the med in pill form.

Epocrates Inc's free online service provides is an online version of its free and trusted mobile drug and formulary guide. It's used by more than 500,000 healthcare professionals. The service provides clinicians with access to critical information about more than 3,300 drugs, including dosing, pricing, potential drug interactions and Medicare Part D formulary coverage from any computer with an Internet connection. They make it that easy to research any med!

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