Saturday, June 17, 2006

Send Flowers, Send Smiles

Do you want to send a smile across the miles? The easiest and most convenient way of doing so is by sending flowers. When you send flowers online, you know they are going to reach their destination evoking warm wishes. Who deosn't like to get flowers? They say so much, are beautiful and have a great fragrance. Everytime the senses are sparked, they will think of you.

June is National Rose Month and this would be a great time to discuss the hidden meaning of the color of a rose (according to Victorian times).
Red - Passionate Love
Yellow - Unfaithfulness
Pale Pink - Youth and Femininity
White - Keep My Secret
Pink - Perfect Happiness
Coral - I admire your accomplishments
Leaf of a rose - You May Hope

Use this as a guide to select the right color for your ocassion. Have fun sending a smile across the miles...

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