Friday, March 09, 2012


Content by Kyle Lowe

I was totally lost today when I had to drive to a town about thirty minutes from home for work. I was running late to meet and client and couldn’t get them on the phone to ask for directions or let them know that I was running late. Of course, this completely stressed me out. I decided that I needed to pull over, get my laptop out and use my clear mobile internet to make sure that I Googled the right address. It turns out that I wrote the address down completely wrong. I sent the client an e-mail and was happy to find out that I was only five minutes away from where I needed to be. It was such a relief when I rolled in the driveway. I really don’t know what people did when we didn’t have the internet, especially if they were lost! I got there before the client even got the e-mail and explained the situation. She said that the street names are so close that a lot of people usually get lost. A day that could have been a disaster ended up being a good day and I made a commission!

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