Friday, August 12, 2011

Want to Enjoy MMA Training Like the Pros?

MMA Lover's Dream Vacation!

Do you love MMA? How would you like to spend your vacation training like a MMA athlete? You ca really do this and it's extremely affordable. You will need a passport and the following information.

Special Package of Muay Thai training

The package of training including a private room for 1 month

Training + Fan room for 1 month =11,000 Baht ( 355 USD , 256 EUR )
Training + Air conditioned room for 1 month =14,500 Baht ( 467 USD , 337 EUR )

If you train and stay in the rooms more than 2 weeks , every Friday night you will get a free ticket ( 1,200 Baht ) to watch real muay thai fighting. This is made possible because the training camp owner also owns the Muay Thai stadium in Phuket.

More muay thai Thailand benefits:

-Suwit Mauy Thai camp has been open camp over 20 years.
-We are the promoters for muay thai competiton
- Owners of Muay Thai Stadium.
- Professional muay thai boxing training
- Each trainer teach only 1 to 5 student , then it is not big group
- Trainer can teach as one by one in full time with a little extra cost

Have the experience of a lifetime! Visit Phuket in Thailand, paradise on earth and train like an MMA pro!

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