Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Incredible YouTube Videos to Learn the Basics of Economics

We can all learn something about economics in our lives or as they exist. These videos can help to break things down and make the concepts just a little bit easier to learn from.

1.  The Truth About the Economy: Total Collapse: We are living in crazy economic times and therefore there are some very interesting videos out there on the subject. This speaks to how an economy should work and what went wrong to cause the latest economic crisis. This does have some opinions inserted but also has some facts that tell the story and provide some important lessons.

2.  The Best Economics Video on Competition: As competition is part of a healthy economy this is a very interesting angle. This talks about the economy and how competition should work to keep it generated. Though there are some instances of healthy competition there are also some examples of the type of competition that can be deadly in an economy such as ours.

3.  Economic Collapse Prep Part 1:  This takes a rather cynical view of the economy and why things have broken down on a global level. This teacher’s important lessons and points out things that economists have been saying for years. Sometimes learning through mistakes is the best teacher and that’s precisely what this video is all about.

4.  Principles of Economics Translated: This is a great video because it takes some very comprehensive concepts within economics and then breaks them down. It is definitely more of an academic type of video but it breaks it down so that the common end user can understand concepts that can sometimes be a bit complex in nature. It’s a great way to learn important economic lessons!

5.  Ten Principles of Economics: You can learn some things about economics from a class in it, others from watching what economists have to say. This video goes in depth with what they feel are the fundamental principles of economics and how they go to work in a society. If they perform well then everybody enjoys the results and if they fail then everybody breaks down because of it.

6.  Economics Explained: You hear so much related to the economy and the factors that contribute to it. Here we explore a fundamental lesson on the housing crisis and how that contributed so heavily to the state of the economy overall. If you wish to learn some important lessons, particularly with our latest financial crisis, then this is a great video to watch.

7.  Economics for Kids: Supply and Demand: This really breaks the major concept of economics down to a level that even kids can learn from it. This talks in depth but very simply about how supply and demand works and how that creates the backbone of a functioning economy.

No matter what lessons you want to learn out of economics, you need to start somewhere. These are the best videos out there to give you a snapshot of what makes up economics in a particular society.

MJ Frederick has a great interest in the field of economics and educating students about the benefits of pursuing their masters degree in economics.

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