Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ghost Hunters On Syfy

Authored by Raymond Whitney

The creators of reality shows are getting more inventive, and they are on more networks these days with many of the shows in line with the channels theme. I enjoy the show Ghost Hunters on the Syfy channel.
I find the paranormal to be fascinating and this show has investigators Grant and Jason who travel to different locations that are reported to be haunted. The investigators bring a team and equipment with them to search for ghosts.

Initially the group meets with the owners of the haunted location and is given information about the hauntings that have occurred. The team then uses their equipment to take temperature readings, video of the location and audio. They speak to the ghosts and attempt to have contact.

The team then analyzes all of their ghost data to verify any type of contact that may have happened. Apparently electronic equipment is sensitive enough to record paranormal activity. They try to find logical explanations for some of the activity such as a drop in temperature may be occurring from a vent. They meet with the owners after looking at the data to explain their findings.

I watch Ghost Hunters on with my family and often discuss episodes with my friends later. I haven't quite decided if I believe in the paranormal, but this show makes me consider the possibility.

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