Monday, April 25, 2011

How The Statler Brothers Affected My Pregnancy

Thanks for the post from Darrick Franklin

Once upon a time in a seaside arena by the Atlantic Ocean, the Statler Brothers appeared in Savannah, Georgia. My husband knew how much I loved their song "Elizabeth" so he bought tickets and took his pregnant-out-to-there wife to see them. It was my first pregnancy and I was having a tough time with swelling, making me hardly able to walk. I spent a lot of time lying on the couch crocheting baby blankets. The poor guy thought I needed some fresh air and entertainment, so we set the home security alarm from and took off into Savannah.

The Civic Center in Savannah is like a huge warehouse with impossibly high ceilings from which little light comes, which is a good thing at a concert, anyway. But the acoustics are outrageous, so when the music began, you could hear every last little nuance without the aid of the huge speakers that are in every concert. The music was great, the joking funny and, of course, when they began to sing "Elizabeth" I began to get cramps. I sat supremely still, praying my water wouldn't break so I could hear my favorite song. My husband was on his feet dancing about, not noticing how quiet I was, until he looked back at me and froze. Our son was born two weeks later, but I got to hear "Elizabeth."

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