Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pro Fisherman

Thanks for the post from Irving Ayala

I just started dating this guy names Alex and he is absolutely amazing. One of his favorite past times is to go fishing so naturally I'm trying to get into it as well. Just recently I met him at his place and we packed up his jeep to head out. We set the security system(click now for more information on alarm systems) and headed towards the blue portions on the map. He tries to go to a different spot every time to see where the fish are biting the best.

This was my first time fishing with someone other than my grandpa and as such I had no clue what I was doing. I managed to bait my own hook but I had trouble taking the fish off. I was just happy I caught the fish. I let it dangle on my line for about five minutes until Alex finally offered to take it off for me. I told him I was simply admiring its beauty. He quickly informed me that it was too small to legally keep and we had to throw it back. I felt silly and exactly like I did back when I was a kid fishing with my grandpa. I didn't catch any fish worth keeping. That was probably a good thing since he decided to clean the fish right away there. I don't know what kind of excuse I would have made if I was asked to clean my own fish. I watched carefully so that perhaps next time I can fake it and act like a pro. I'll get it eventually I hope.


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