Friday, May 21, 2010

VH1 is My Favorite Channel

There is nothing about VH1 that I don’t love. I’ve got satellite TV, so I have tons and tons of channels, but I’ll be honest, I usually don’t watch any of them except for VH1. And the only reason I found out I actually had VH1 was when I went to and after finding this out I rarely ever change the channel away. This is one of the only channels left that broadcasts lots of music, which I love, so there’s a plus. In addition to that, they run all kinds of gross reality TV shows, which I just can’t seem to get enough of. I think they make me feel better about my everyday life, to be honest! One of the worst offenders is For the Love of Ray J. This guy, Ray J, is the renowned singer Brandy’s brother, and apparently, he’s “lookin’ for love.” I’m not sure if what he finds is love, but the whole show makes me want to take a shower. It’s like watching a textbook about what not to wear or do on a first date! Another great show that runs is the Top 40 Countdown. You can only catch this show if you’re up early on the weekends like myself, but it’s a great way to catch up on popular music. I like to watch it to see the latest videos of my favorite artists and see what new songs are out that I may have missed. Overall, when my TV is on, it’s turned to VH1…there’s really not another channel I can think of that has more to offer me than this one.

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