Monday, January 04, 2010

Kid Freaks Out, Takes it Out on Vacuum Cleaner

A boy known as wafflepwn videos his brother's tantrums and posts them on youtube. Meltdowns are not usually funny. You may disagree when you see this. See, his brother is 16. On a serious note, this isn't funny when it's your kid. As a mom to 7 kids, I have dealt with my share of meltdowns. **I don't know if this child is diagnosed with any disorders or if he's just a spolied brat (like his grandmother tells him in another video).** I chose to share this one because it has an interesting tactic that deters his tantrum...

1 comment:

Webhotel said...

Hey kid.. you broke it! I think its something fake. If its true..this kid must be treated seriously.

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