Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are You Down? Watch This Video and Be Inspired!

This week, my car broke down, my son broke my platform bed, my fridge stopped working and I had to throw all the food out. At 2am this morning, I was STILL doing laundry when the water stopped flowing. I went down to the basement to find 3 inches of water. My water heater broke. Even though it has been a trying week, I made a decision to not be upset. As a matter of fact, I shared this on Twitter and said, I will be happy. Why? I still have it better than so many of my fellow human beings. I have my health, my family, a home and most importantly my faith.

Having a bad day, week, month or year?
Here's someone that can really be throwing a pity party because of his lot in life. Instead, he is an inspiration.

Will YOU Choose to be HAPPY even when things are going horribly wrong?
Choose to inspire and edify someone today...

1 comment:

Mario said...

i love your inspirational messages!!!

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