Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Looking for someone? Use Wink.com!

Wink.com is a search engine for people. No, I don't mean it's intended for use by people...DUH. I mean, it is a search engine that can help you find people you are looking for. Started in November 2005, it has grown rapidly. Wink seaches through over 200 million profiles on social networks and other online communities. You can search for someone by name, business, work, location, interests and more.

You can create a free profile on Wink.com and link it to your myspace, blog, or site. This will help with your branding efforts. To make your online life more convenient, you can create a profile and add all your online communities to Wink.com. Since they have a page rank of 6, it should effect your Google page rank in a positive way.

Visit wink.com and create an account today. It's an easy way to people seach lost friends, classmates and/or coworkers from your past. On the other hand, you never know who's looking for you.

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