Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Dining Room Furniture Needs to Be Replaced

About 7 years ago, my father gave me a beautiful gift. He purchased a dining room table, so that I could sit down and eat with the kids. When I moved here with my kids and my ex-husband, we moved out of a small one bedroom apartment. We didn't have a dining room table. All we had was a small kitcehn table, which I got rid of. We bought furniture for the living room and then we opened the business, bought a much needed mini-van and the house. Less than a year after all of that, he left us. That left us without a dining room table.

Shopping for dining room furniture was a mission. I didn't want to get anything that was dangerous looking, fragile or modern. I wanted a traditional table with at least 6 chairs. Over $1000.00 later, he purchased the table we now have. It's lasted pretty long enough, considering the wear and tear. Seven kids and all the pets we have...I'm surprised it's taken the beaten and held up this long. It has to be replaced, but not now. Somehow, I think replacing the refrigerator takes precedence. We have to eat...right?

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