Thursday, August 23, 2007

Drug Rehab or Vacation Getaway?

Sorry, but I can't resist. I know that drug rehab is a serious issue, but when I look at this site I'm astonished. This rehabilitation center looks better than the hotel I stayed at when we went to Six Flags in NJ. Of course, it is located on almost 2 acres overlooking Zuma Beach, Cliffside Malibu! You can't expect anything else. They even feature plasma TVs, wireless Internet access, spa treatments such as facials and manicure/pedicures!

Seriously, if you need to help someone to face their addicions this is a beautiful place. They have short term and extended care. Dealing with addictions is a lot of work. It involves a painful process of detox and the working out unresolved issues. Be supportive, but be tough. Recovery is a long, difficult road.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. nice blog.I've actually never tried drugs and don't plan on it. I've had an uncle that was addicted to marijuana and he lost part of his one leg in a car accident due to drugs. It's scary and I don't understand why someone would want to waste their life doing drugs.please advice them to take a drug treament program.

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