Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Are You Ready for Your Orlando Vacation?

Planning your vacation is important. Especially if you only have a week or two and you are expecting to sightsee, visit amusement parks and theme parks.

Make a check list. Write down your goals and make sure you cross each out as you complete it.
1. Make sure you confirm the reservation for your vacation home Orlando is a hub of activity. You don't want an error to keep you from enjoying your visit. Orlando welcomes more visitors each year than the population of California - over 43.3 million (2000 statistics), which makes Orlando the number one tourist destination in the world.
2. Confirm your car rental.
3. Make sure you have extras of any meds you or your family might need such as diabetic meds, asthma pumps, ADD meds or epi-pens.
4. Take emergency numbers, pediatrician's phone numbers, dentist's numbers, and medical cards. Have all the important information at your fingertips. Program all these important numbers into your cell and carry them on paper too. What would you do if your cell was lost or stolen? Always be prepared.

Have fun, be prepared and enjoy!

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