Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Dating Site for the Urban Professional

What happens when you take and combine it with Dr. Phil and a personal finance forum? You get a dating site called Urban Prestige. They are a social networking site for urban professionals that are looking to date.

This site is different because right on the front page, they have a column written by a relationship expert that gives advice to singles. I have to admit that it is a great idea!

Profiles can be created that describe your professional development. This I'm weary of. What happens if a stalker that wants to be rich, reads your profile and decided your his golden egg? You can also reveal all your personal development on your profile.

If you're a single professional and want to meet like minded individuals, take a look. Joining the site is FREE and they hold events for members only. A reason to know you didn't need me to give you that!

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