Friday, October 20, 2006

PPP Blue Monster 178

PayPerPost is conducting a new contest. They have been releasing puzzle pieces since last weekend. The pieces are supposed to be collected, pieced together and displayed on the blog. The first person that completes this task will receive a $500.00 opportunity fee. The puzzle will reveal the new PPP program code named payperpostbluemonster".

I would love to be able to participate, but I don't have the time. I tried to put the other puzzle together ~ unsuccessfully. I am not that computer savvy. I've taught myself to do everything I on my blogs. So to those that are trying to piece the puzzle together-GOOD LUCK!

For Ted and the other PPP staff-if you guys are introducing car wrapping to your blog marketing repertoire-let me know. I had a car accident last night. The kids and I are are fine, but the deer and my minivan didn't fare as well. I can use the money because I'm going have to borrow it from someone to pay for the $2500.00 plus in repairs. LOL~!!!! I have to laugh to stop from crying.......

Don't forget to let me know where to sign up!!!!!!!

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